Scene for GM Tecon movie project...

Some images based on a story of a Kung fu grand master named Te con...

concept art NFS 2009

Had to create 3 differents types of car for a downloadable game project of X box live related to the Need For Speed Franchise.

-The bump
-The Modular
-The Flow

concept art\in game art project U DS

This really was a real deception to not get the chance to finished this project.Working on this with a small and very talented team,the goal was to revive the good old Ultima franchise in a traditional pixel art way.
This was my first experience in pixel art. And this it is hard!
Making a character out of color square is quite a challenge but very satisfying. We've been looking to a lot sprites from Street fighter, Marvel, Metal Slug, and Mr, Boutin stuff too...:)

concept art project RR 2008

Concept art for a racing game project that finaly did'nt come to an end. :(
My first step to a more realistic type of visual. Not quite there yet. ;)

2D painting Boogie Superstar cinematic 2008

Did a couple of 2D painting within cinematic departement for the sequel Boogie Superstar.

concept art Spore Hero 2008

Stuff done in early preproduction on Spore Hero. A Wii title for the Spore franchise.

concept art Boogie 2007

Some of the work I did for Boogie. The second IP EA Montréal have made.
Very colorfull an stylish dancing karaoke game on the Wii.

concept art for SSX Blur 2006

Concept art I've made for my first game as a concept artist SSX Blur.